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Introducing MetScale

**MetScale** is a complete end-to-end solution for remote metering, specially designed to collect electrical measures like energy, voltage and current to help you improve the **Energy Efficiency** of your facility or industry through the visualization of power consumption and signal quality.

MetScale Bird's eye view Architecture

MetScale Architecture
For a deeper explanation, please click [here](./doc/metscale-doc.html)

Product Info

**MetScale** can collect automatically electrical measures regarding power consumption and signal quality. With all this information on your hand you can make smarter decisions about how to proceed with your electrical installation.

The long story: M2M, IoT and Big Data working together

**MetScale**'s remote agents collect data, from its origin using electrical analysers and data loggers, which work as gateways in a **M2M** fashion way, and send a big number of electrical parameters to **MetScale Cloud** data collector from multiple locations in **real time** through Internet. These data are used to visualize consumption and moreover to identify anomalies and malfunctions in the remote system. Thereby, troubleshooting time decreases dramatically and enables a more efficient energy consumption. **MetScale** ingests millions of measurements sent by its remote collectors using different protocols (ModBus, SNMP, etc.) and acts as a real **Big Data** producer and storage. These data then are processed, stored in a **Big Data** container and published through the **Web GUI** and the **RESTful API** and can be used to:
* show both real time and historical trends, * extract consumption reports,
* perform optimizations, * make business decisions,
* analyse signal quality, or * detect malfunctions.
For a deeper explanation, please click [here](./doc/metscale-doc.html)



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Our Amazing API


**MetScale** exposes a powerfull REST API, in fact all the MetScale's Web GUI features are developed using this API, therefore you can integrate all the information managed by MetScale in your own system or service:
* Groups of devices * Lists of Devices and Users of specific groups
* Streams of measures managed by each device * And, of course, the measures themselves!
[Here](./api/metscale-api-reference.html) you can find a complete API reference documentation.
### Some Examples
#### Request ``` curl --request GET \ --header "X-ApiKey: YOUR_API_KEY_HERE" \ --verbose \ http://service.metscale.com\ /api/groups/15/devices/444458/points\ ?codes=l1.current&format=csv ```
#### Response ``` Date,l1.current 2015-06-27 13:15:00,9.579999999999998 2015-06-27 13:30:00,9.54 2015-06-27 13:45:00,9.54 2015-06-27 14:00:00,9.491666666666667 2015-06-27 14:15:00,9.593333333333334 ```
#### Request ``` curl --request GET \ --header "X-ApiKey: YOUR_API_KEY_HERE" \ --verbose \ http://service.metscale.com\ /api/groups/15/devices/444458 ```
#### Response ``` { id: 444458, nature: "ENERGY", serial: "0000000036df8cae", manufacturer: null, model: "MTX65i-RS485 plus Analyzer", title: "MetScale", description: "RPi collecting data from Analyzer", ip: "", lastReset: null, domain: "PHYSICAL", status: "LIVE", lastUpdate: 1433309762000 } ```

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